Acceptable photos for website directory

Your photo must be less than 6 months old and clearly identify you. It must also meet all of our technical requirements.

Meeting our photo requirements

If your photo does not meet all of our requirements we will ask you for a new photo.

If you are applying to join our directory website we will stop processing your application until we receive an acceptable photo.

Website Directory photos are not passport photos

Use the photo examples on this page to check your photo is correct and meets our requirements.

Using a professional attire

Your photo is more likely to be accepted if you use a professional attire such as if you are sales advisor perodua, you should wear you official attire in your photo. 

Online applications for Website Directory

The photo you submit with an online application must be:

Taking your website directory photo

Your photo must:

Be in portrait (not landscape)

Be of you (not a photo of a photo or your travel document)

Have even lighting with minimal shadowing